HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is important to ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently and has a long lifespan, regular maintenance is not just recommended—it’s essential. At SoTex Air, our holistic maintenance approach ensures every facet of your HVAC system gets the attention it deserves:

Routine Inspections: Beyond just a simple glance, we inspect system components, checking for any signs of wear, degradation, or potential failures.
Filter Cleaning/Replacement: Recognizing that clean filters are pivotal for optimal airflow and preventing pollutants, we either clean or replace them, depending on their condition.
System Optimization: We don’t just maintain; we optimize. By adjusting settings, we ensure your system performs at its peak, delivering the desired temperature with maximum efficiency.
Lubrication: Like any machine with moving parts, your HVAC system benefits from lubrication. We ensure all parts move freely, reducing wear and preventing potential breakdowns.
Safety Checks: Your safety is our priority. We rigorously verify that all safety mechanisms, from cut-off switches to venting, operate flawlessly.
Cleaning: Over time, dust and debris can accumulate in various parts of the system. We ensure they’re removed, preventing blockages and maintaining air quality.

With our thorough maintenance services, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is in the best hands, ready to serve you efficiently through every season.

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Is your system not heating or cooling as it should, or not at all? Whether it’s strange noises, reduced airflow, temperature inconsistencies, or a complete “no cool” situation, our repair service is here to help. We’ll swiftly diagnose the issue and get your system back to optimal performance.



When your HVAC system is old or constantly failing, it might be time for an upgrade. We can guide you to the right system for your needs and handle the installation. Interested in making the switch? Contact us for a free estimate!



Efficient insulation is key to maintaining consistent temperatures. We evaluate your current insulation setup and, if it’s falling short, we’ll recommend and install the best solution. Proper insulation not only ensures comfort but also boosts the efficiency of your HVAC system.